Courtroom Rules

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• No Weapons
• Cellphones are allowed but MUST be on silent
• No talking in the courtroom or hallway outside of courtroom
• No eating or drinking in the courtroom or hallway outside of courtroom
• Men’s shirt must be tucked in
• No holes in jeans
• Pants must be pulled up
• No shorts of ANY KIND will be allowed in the courtroom
• Children are allowed in courtroom but they cannot Cause a Distraction or the parents will be instructed to step outside
• Women may wear Capri pants but they must be below the knee in length
• No hats, scarves, or bandanas are allowed in the courtroom. This applies to both men and women.

If someone arrives not in compliance, they will be ask to kindly step to the clerks window to either pay their citation or reschedule their court date. 

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