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Chief Chris Earl


The Oakland Police Department is committed to excellence in law enforcement. Our highest priority is the protection of human life, and the quality of life in our city. The department is focused on crime prevention and through vigorous law enforcement deters serious crime.

One of the values of the Oakland Police Department is to maintain open communication with the community we serve. The citizens input help determine priorities and strategies.  Our members are expected to work in a quality manner in the daily performance of their duties, work task, and job responsibilities.
The Oakland Police Department is committed to managing our resources in an efficient and effective manner. The department is managed so that there is a maximum return from the expenditure of appropriated funds. Issues such as employee productivity, planning and resource utilization are assessed on a regular basis.

The Oakland Police Department is an agency I am very proud of and our members provide the highest levels of customer service. The department has been very successful in lowering our crime rate while becoming more fiscally responsible.

Our professional staff will do whatever is necessary to attain exemplary services for the citizens. It is our commitment.

The Town of Oakland is committed to providing the best service to its citizens, businesses, and visitors.
Please use this website to help us better assist you with your specific needs.
If you need to speak with us, please call 901.465.8523