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Please download, print, and utilize the PDF form below during your self inspection. Once you have completed it, come back to the secondary electronic form located on this page, fill it out, and send it to Oakland’s Department of Fire & Rescue by using the submit button at the bottom.

Fill in all of the information on this online form. If you haven’t already done so, walk through your business using the PDF checklist available above to ensure the safety requirements on the checklist are fulfilled.

If an item is compliant, check the “Yes” box. If an item is non-compliant, either remedy the problem before submitting this form or check the “No” box and we will follow up to ensure the hazard is corrected. If an item does not apply, check the “N/A” box.

Note: Boxes with a red * are required to be filled out or checked.

Once you have completed your self-inspection, provide your name, job title & date of inspection and click on the “Submit to Oakland Fire & Rescue” button to automatically E-mail your form to the Oakland Fire Department.

If you have questions regarding the inspection, please contact Oakland’s Department of Fire & Rescue.

170 Doss Circle
Oakland, TN 38060
(901) 465-2448

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