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Contact Information
Emergencies: Dial 9-1-1
Non Emergencies: Dial (901) 465-2448

Address: Oakland Town Hall, 170 Doss Circle Oakland, TN 38060

Oakland Fire & Rescue History

Welcome to the official web page of the Oakland Fire Department. We do appreciate your interest in the Town of Oakland Tn, and in the Towns Fire Department. The Oakland Fire/rescue Was founded in 1977 when the Town’s population of about 400 citizens. They recognize and understood the need for an organized Emergency response system for the Town, so the Oakland Fire/Rescue was born out of a Volunteer system. That system has grown and evolved with the Town, that now has a population of around 10,000 citizens, and another 5,000 people it protects in its Fire District.

The Oakland Fire/Rescue is a full-service Department with a career staff of 13 Firefighter/Advanced EMTs, and Firefighter/Paramedics with One Fire inspector and public educator complemented by a reserve staff of Firefighters. The Department operates out of one central fire station, and responds with (3 ENGINES, 1 RESCUE SQUAD, 1 BRUSH TRUCK, 1 SPECIAL OPERATIONS SUPPORT TRAILER, 1 ALL-TERRAIN FIRE/RESCUE VEHICLE, 1 COMMAND VEHICLE) Our Department provides Rescue operations, and Advanced Life Support Medical first response program, Hazardous material response to the operations level, and conducts and provides safety education to our citizens, and the surrounding communities.

Oakland fire is proud to claim an ISO rating of (4)

We are located at 170 Doss Cir. Oakland Tn, 38060.

If you need information about fire prevention or safety education, please call at (901)465-2448
Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.

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Oakland Fire & Rescue Mission

To prevent and suppress fires, provide emergency medical services, perform rescues, educate and protect our citizens, promote public safety, and foster community relations.

Oakland Fire & Rescue Code of Ethics

1. To strive to recognize the importance and honor of my profession.

2. To conduct a personal and official life so as to inspire public confidence.

3. To judge fellow firefighters/first responders by standards I hold myself and never jeopardize the safety of any of my fellow firefighters/first responders.

4. To regard it as my duty to gain adequate knowledge to perform my job and avail myself of opportunities to learn more about my profession.

5. To avoid alliances with persons or businesses whose goals are inconsistent with the performance of a firefighter/first responder.

6. To never falsely claim qualifications I do not have.

7. To share publicity equally with fellow firefighters/first responders, whether favorable or unfavorable.

8. To pledge loyalty to my supervisors, fellow firefighters/first responders, and to the organization I represent.

9. To bear constantly in mind that the truth is to be sought before the cause is made so that the stature of Tennessee firefighters is enhanced rather than tarnished.

The Town of Oakland is committed to providing the best service to its citizens, businesses, and visitors.
Please use this website to help us better assist you with your specific needs.
If you need to speak with us, please call 901.465.8523