Board of Zoning Appeals – Notice of Public Hearing (08-24-2021)

Board of Zoning Appeals – Notice of Public Hearing (08-24-2021)

Pursuant to Article XII, 12.3 of the Oakland Municipal Zoning Ordinance, there is hereby given public notice of a hearing to be held by the Oakland Board of Zoning Appeals at 7:00 PM on August 24, 2021 in Oakland City Hall.

The following items will be under consideration:

  • Kellum Request for Home Occupation for a Business Service at 75 Bentgrass Cove (Fayette County Tax Map 80P, Group A, Parcel 7.00)
  • Weaver Application for a Variance for Fence Height at 345 Cherokee Circle (Fayette County Tax Map 86L Group E, Parcel 32.00)
  • Davis Application for A Variance to Place a Fence in A Yard Adjacent to Hidden Meadows Cove (Fayette County Tax Map 100I, Group D, Parcel 29.00)

Information concerning these items are available at the Oakland Code Enforcement Department during regular business hours.

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