Letter to Citizens – COVID 19

Letter to Citizens – COVID 19

Citizens of The Town of Oakland,

During this time of uncertainty, my prayers are that this letter finds all of you healthy and maintaining.

This letter will highlight and remind us of safety requirements to help minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Public Safety readiness, town buildings and temporary changes to trash pick up service.

Safety – It is urgent that we all practice Social Distancing when out of the safety of our home or secured space. We need to ensure we are regularly washing our hands with lots of soap, warm water and at least for 20 seconds, that we cover our mouth when we cough or sneeze and if we feel sick that we isolate from everyone. If you are feeling sick, call your doctor or the Fayette County Health Department for further instructions. Please, if you are feeling sick and it does not seem to be life threating do not go to a doctor’s office or clinic without calling first.

Public Safety – Oakland’s Police and Fire Departments have implemented safety measures to ensure they have staff available and working to serve our community. In the event that they are not able to maintain the same level of service as always in our town, there are contingency plans to ensure that we are covered. Please know that we have seen this coming for weeks and planning has been a continuous process.

Town Buildings – just a reminder that all town buildings have been closed to public access. When paying your water bill, you can utilize the drop-box in front of City hall, mail a check or use the online payment method found on the town website. If you have an issue or question about your water bill or any other town service, our staff is in their office, so please call, 901-465-8523 and follow the prompts.

Trash Service – First and foremost, the town’s service provider, WasteConnections, is committed to serve the Town of Oakland. WasteConnections has sought and been awarded a COVID-19 Emergency Declaration Card by FEMA. This will allow them to continue picking up trash regardless of the designated state of the town or county. They also have a contingency plan developed for the worst-case scenarios caused by COVID-19 to ensure they can meet their obligation to the Town of Oakland. Their information to me is “as long as we have staff to man the truck not short of pulling supervisors and managers on those trucks, we will meet our obligation to the Town of Oakland.”

With WasteConnections plans come the implementation of recommendations from Health Organizations and the CDC on the pick-up of trash. This will slightly change what they pick up.

  • Effective Monday, April 6 WasteConnections will service trash inside the cart.
  • Trash bags that are outside of the cart will not be picked up.
  • WasteConnections will evaluate their plan every two weeks to see how the process is going, the health of their staff, and how they can improve on the process.
  • Yard debris will still be picked up for now within the existing specifications they have operated under.

Please stay safe, stay aware and if you have any questions call us! We are here to serve you and plan on continuing the same level of service that we always do.


Chris Goodman — Mayor, Town of Oakland, TN

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